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Download Form

Click HERE to download pledge form. This form will be how you collect pledges which is how you receive funds and how we will keep track of hours dances and participants.

Get Pledges

Ask your friends, family, church members, or even professors to sponsor you. A typical amount to ask an adult to sponsee you is $5-$15 dollars an hour. Remind them that they have to pay this amount EVERY HOUR you dance! Be sure to mention that we will only allow dancing for up to 6 hours.


Show up on October 29th at 4:30pm  prepared to have a great time! We are allowing costumes that are appropriate for a church function. Food and drinks will be provided. Dancing will begin at 5pm and will continue until every participant has stopped dancing. Dancing will need to be a continuous streak without any large pauses, so plan accordingly.

Get Paid

Receive your form from Meghan Spence with your time and official signature, and request the money from your pledges! It’s that simple. All calculations will be based on the top of the hour, so if 2.5 hours are completed, you will only get 2 hours of dancing funds. 

Paying for trips

Venmo:        @Jessie-Holmes

Cash App:    $JessieHolmes

Checks:        Augusta Association of Baptist Churches

Cash:            Bring on Tuesday nights