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Welcome to Augusta University


Freshman Tips & Tricks


Don’t procrastinate! 

College moves faster than high school and if you miss one assignment it can feel like you will never catch up. Save yourself the stress and plan ahead. 


Recreate comforts from home. 

It can be a big adjustment to leave everything you have ever known. Even if you just bring your favorite blanket or a family picture, have something around that is comforting when you get stressed. 


The ASC (Academic Success Center) is an amazing resource for you! 

Many students do not take full advantage of this. Stop in there and get help when you are feeling overwhelmed or confused. 


Don’t overthink things. 

You will find a good group of friends, you will learn where your classes are, you will figure out how to get a parking pass. People are nicer than you would think and they have a lot of grace for people who are trying to figure out how the school works. 


Get out of your comfort zone and meet new people any chance you get! 

It will make school feel more like home. Everyone is just as nervous as you are, so step out and introduce yourself. You might find a lifelong friend. 


Get involved in campus activities! 

College is so much more fun and enjoyable when you get involved and get to know the people at your school. You could just go to class and go back home, but if you have to be there anyway why not get out and meet people who will make the experience so much better?


Write out a schedule for studying.

It will help you balance your time so you are not spending all of your time hanging out with friends or all of your time studying. If you set a scheduled time for when you are going to do things it helps you not get so stressed.  


We are here for you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the BCM leadership and members if you ever have any questions. We want to help you have a smooth transition into college!

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